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1908 Campbell Road, La Crosse WI

(608) 784-5300

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  • Not sure about this one. A friend recommended this place to me. The first thing I remember was being greeted and asked if I wanted a table. I let her know, this was my first time in and, I would like to try the gyro, to go. Then another lady comes out and, abruptly asks if I wanted it for here. Now, I'm thinking, I must have caught them on a bad day. I was told about getting soup with the, stuffed gyro, big city style. Turns out, the waitress was nice and, offered the soup, but before, I made my choice, the same lady that seemed to be in charge of the place, called to the waitress and told her to tell me that was not the deal. Ok. I get the gyro with some fries topped with feta anyway! So all in all it was ok, but not as warm and, generous as described. Not sure if I'd want to dine in this place after that. I will entertain a coupon or special to go, due to it being the only place I know that actually serves the stick lamb/beef combo gyro.

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